Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Dr Boom

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Dr Boom

You can change him very simply – He is Dr Boom Boom from now on here, he opens a fortune telling business... he is happy now...he can smile nicely too...

Anyway I would like to comments on Dr Roubini's comment:

Roubini said “….This might be the beginning of the end of the American empire.”

I disagree with him on this as:

USA is not only has a military power to able to invade other counties but as well as political, beacon of economics, scientific and cultural power.

USA’s economy is still growing even 2-3% scales.
USA has the biggest international brand power houses: MacDonald, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Google e.g
USA has major top universities; Harvard, MIT and Princeton e.g
USA is the leader of world science and has major scientific research centers, attracting lots endorsements.
USA is attracting best brightest people around world; “brain drain”– this is future growth.
USA has major entertain industries; leading movies, games, various music industry e.g
USA went to the moon, attracting many great engineers and scientists research on frontier; space , deep seas e.g.
USA is major donor poor counties e.g Africa and solving lots of world problems, which make them easier excise its superpower.
USA is democracy and free market ….

No countries match on these so far… the "Sword and Seal"...

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