Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Charlie Rose interviews Austan Goolsbee#links

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Charlie Rose interviews Austan Goolsbee

Everyone has right to say whatever they want – bit worry some although humh… So called a smart academian who is very much medley in love for his party that make him blinded to see the true. but then the terms of true also questionable, as which side you are in, which state of mind you are in… anyway I think he is on under influence (duress) of the love of his love so his thinking is not rational… but then we all know love is make you silly… silly man… he will lose all for sure! When you are under duress from a silliness the sky is looks like a little coins so he doesn’t have any clue what is in rolling in his tongue… as they say “you never truest people who talk too much!” But anyway this world has full of unfairness and also fairness depended which side you are in.

Mind you we humen are very much like the nature... We would like to pay what is equitable and fair… also been thinking about terms of equitable and fairness, it is a big question – how to measure the equable and fairness… one thing for sure I certainly don’t want to pay tax every steps I make and government(or a candidate buying his votes) subsided the rich fat framers to buy more gasoline to burn for the production of their cone for bio-fuel for their fat wallats while lots of children are hungry!!

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