Monday, July 28, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Save My Iced Grande Latte!

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Save the mutton brain, blanketed with a cavemen tool

Congress to Halt Closing of Unprofitable Starbucks – but How? Why? What for?
"Corporations cut unprofitable activities to focus on increasing the bottom line, and returning value to shareholders! --- The name of the game!
“They would need ESL classes and cultural training to learn how to relate to ordinary Americans and function in society.”... What if the say “ the ordinary Americans are not their aspiration?” common fair go! Should learning from MacDonald what is all about the global brand – the colonization!
...we will reverse that trend... but who is going to pay tax for the aid?
Anyway people who drink white Iced Grande Latte is a bosomy, I am hot straight tall black monopoly
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