Thursday, July 17, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Competition is good for consumers

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Competition is good for consumers

Discounted 0.50cent for the foot in the door, prove yourself as a reliable good worker and bargain again, this time $2.10. Here is another possibilities for an extension market(monopoly!); play cello for $2 and play piano $2(practices and making money same time! if your brother complained the noise, tell him you are “working”! and tell him he doesn’t have the tuning ears!) gathering fruit $2, pick up eggs $2, tidy up your room for $2 and comb grandmamma hair for $2, reading script for $2, change water altar daily $2, changed candles $2, maintaining Four Friends of the Study $2, feed chickens $2, feeding dogs(Yellow (Nuruyingyi (Korean))and Boop(Korean?)) for $2, cut flowers $2, watering orchid for $2 = Sum of $28, discount price altogether $15 weekly, as you don’t have to do them daily! You can buy lots of cartoon book! And ice-cream too! Wowww, gees gees geee…gigs this is very profitable market! Make sure positioned as monopoly yourself! If you brother try to enter the competition, well yell YELLLL….at him with your foghorn voice, saying this is your market!

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