Saturday, July 19, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Cross-Price Elasticity of Demand X

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Because of the Gasoline Price

Risks to civilization, humans and planet Earth - Crzy, Crzy
Earth is choker block so we need another place to live, surely somewhere up there it waiting for us to discover!
Hoping after I die the Earth gone to a madhouse so that I don’t know about her sad madness!
Earth is fundamentally sick; mentally and psychically worn out – too many children, almost 7 billions, will grow fast, she doesn’t have resources to fed them unless she find another…, or and otherwise she might committed a mess suicide - just one BigBang! but then that is too simple way out! Or Or she is mad so she doesn’t have right mind so, gives her childern poison, drown or stave slowly slowly painfully die togther... sad... BUT?

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  • Risks to civilization, humans and planet Earth

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