Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Machiavellian Entrepreneurs

Machiavellian Entrepreneurs - Survival fitness perfect competition – whores shoes pimps tail, oldest cure-all gentle - manly business

...And when using the power of the state to thwart competition, they can both pretend to be acting in the public interest.-- Yes, indeed best of the public interest that is why the business sustainable forever as long as where the human is.
Noble and virtuous sustainable practice: the baits of living is dolly jolly business!

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  • ...the Treaty of the 25th November, 1838. Let us read Article VIII. It runs thus.In order to
    " improve, by every means possible, the growing
    " intercourse by the river Indus, Meer Roostum
    " Khan promises all co-operation with the other
    " powers, in any measures which may be hereafter
    " thought necessary for extending and facilitating
    " the commerce and navigation of the Indus."
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