Sunday, July 20, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: From The Daily Show#links

Greg Mankiw's Blog: From The Daily Show#links

Economy all about digging grave yard, who dig more deep who gets the points.There is no right or wrong in economy; everything is right everything is wrong, the point of the view of majority or minority that “only” count. When economy is going well – well no one talk about it. When their wallets on a gate of the graveyard everyone get blood in their eyeballs – bumping Bumper stickers their sockets for the bull terriers barking!! But then that make us so loveable creatures - when you are fighting you are more alive… Economy stupid is stupid stupid economy alalal a mad woman in a mad house.

Why baby are generally happy? Unless they are sick. Because they have no worries. When they cry because they want to eat and their nappy been changed.
If you don’t know much about things that probably make you more happy and an optimistic congenial beauty!
If you know more you would know then you don’t know much about what around you that make you small and unhappy…? Do you think this make you a pessimistic pit-bull?

  • Mankiw's 10 Principles of economics translated- bla bla bla people are stupid and a basket of Snickersbar, Craniological stupid candybar!!!

  • Click here Daily Show - the Stupidonomy
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