Tuesday, October 2, 2012

So Many Young Lives

Click this and view this young lives what they have done they deserve end their life in this way, while an old criminal dog pack of lie front of world, should ask of himself his pitiful life worth more than this young people’s lives? What a shame on terrorists’ regime hundred of thousands people drive them out for their own homes and their country, nonsense to the world for their little solicit pitiful for life.  Lots of people have been talking about sake of their faces to the world but in the end not much apart from lots of flowery wordings, decorated their territorial cold callings for their right sized humanity…,  hoping they should send lots of weapons to the FSA revolutionary, if they are not conveniently sanctioned off their chance to send some cool lethal  weapon to  the FSA,  I think FSA actually lobby to these  countries ask for donation for everything not only weapons but everything - cold calling is very effective; set out list of items in quantified. Nothing wrong ask for donations as many countries before Syria they have done that same as so that when their turn comes they are also donor nations too.  

Look at this terrorist assad chopper just bombing...! this is called a terrorism it is a terrorist regime!   NOT the FSA who are protecting  their people is NOT terrorist!