Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Snipers World

Last weekend, in our city of Melbourne there was a big gathering of thousands of people, demonstration of a lady who was killed at night street. First instant my reaction was that, I was thinking,  gosh only one life  for mass demonstration for! And annoyed bit of feeling of  injustices while so many lives innocent lives were brutally  tortured and killed at the other side of globe....! grumble grumble... but then I was thinking how lucky I was, a deep appreciation  of how safe place I am in... this is all kindness of democracy about it..., first rated high-esteemed systems that we often take for granted ( noting perfect of course…), when we see so many million billons people immensely have been  suffering because of tyrannical system that shackled them  generations of  generations, slavery, deprived their right to be human. Moral is based our life, our daily life story based on moral,  these tyrants strip off their people life and drink their blood, destroys people’s life their  countries and  homes. Tyrants themselves no shame no dignity and power mongering lowest species of, they simply denounced themselves as a  human.