Monday, October 19, 2009

Beauty of Lunch Boxes is Bugs’ Gastronomy

See the below picture, would you like to eat this food? Nop! No! How disgusting it looks, you can imagine how many times it touched by human (clean unclean hands?) gosh! Dearly sorry if I take away your appetites! I know I am bit of fanatic about gem. So less touches the food with human hands better, that is my perception of food. Yes sometimes you could less imaginable so better you equitable to afflict with gems. For this reason I like Teppanyaki as I could see how the food prepared and the food actually is not touched by chef’s hands. Well anyway, yes your food, your oratorical brain tells you that you can less imaginable how that food prepared. Lunch box aesthetics is sucker of bugs food. A gutbucket of your self-delusion of gastronomy of stormy guts. Even if you prepared the lunch box with sterilized hands with a gem free certification with your chef’s hat on I don’t eat that heee…. People with exceeding their beauty is irreconcilable gruesome bugs in their food. You are having full of bugs your lunch! Have a nice lunch Yarkk!! Crunch crunch yummy bugs O man!

When I was a child, our house breakfast some kind of a huge affair, depend seasons but always lots of people who work with us. Always lots of people involved with so preparing food also huge scales and very busy kitchens, always boiling something these huge black pots. So preparing my lunch box within a second. In my lunch box was always almost like this Kimbap. And with slice of sweet cakes, fish cakes. Amazing how fast they made the lunch box; opened a bamboo grill, opened a seaweed top of it, spread with rice; sesame oiled, put those any vegetables available at the time and rolled into with bamboo grills and a magical knife chop, chop, and neatly put them into my lunch box with enveloped an embroidered cover and placed it always same spot-- the end of the hall way-- to me pick it up. So my Yellow (my dog’s name) always be there wiggled his tails and waited for me to see me off to the school. If no lunch box Yellow knew it, it was weekend or holidays, he was very smart dog you know! On my way school if I gave part of my lunch to birds he was barking ferociously saying; “O I tell grandmamm!” a like that. It was tasty lunch boxes though it was bit heavy.

So I agree with Denis Dutton’s comment, a lunch box should not be a like a oration of beauty and bugs swaggering gospels!

INadditon: skeleton of Japanese Aesthetics is based on Wabi-sabi.
...if an object or expression can bring about, within us, a sense of serene melencholy and a spiritual longing,...

And also Japanese-aesthetics.Ok you can applied everywhere anyway you can fine beauty, after all the imperfect makes us so human, Ok but in my view bugs feasted launch boxes as aesthesis is bit too much. I think we are using word without knowing of the meaning. Because of fashionable that is why; e.g. aesthetics of breasts augmentation…etc… We don’t spiritual longing for big breasts or bugs lunch box.