Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Killer Fruit and I Sleeping Together

Have I had another dream during my sleep? Can you believe? I was busy sleeping and dreaming same time. This time I was sleeping with someone, who was the lucky devil was? May be Alan was but I can not remember who was, but very familiar so he was Alan then heehee... otherwise I am in trouble…so I was sleeping with the lucky devil Alan then! We were hanging upside down at a tree. The affectionate lustrous tree bear us as a hidden meaning of life. Yes it was a nectarine tree I am sure of it, contented gracious nectarines fruits we were, delicious tasty nectarine we were, you get it now? Gravity side, our feet hanging at the branches in warm sunny day, proud joyful fruits made from heaven? Lazily hanging down and world goes by… Not seasonal but budding fruits made from heaven. We were in a white cotton sheeted bed but hanging at a tree. You can make it sense it if you can squeeze imagination from your irrefragable brain. I groined because I was bitten by an insect, same time I was thinking that I was bitten by insect number of times prior (I have hyper sensitive type of skin- allergic all sort of kind of thing also I am slightly of gem afraid of kind of, though not much!). So bitten by an insect is a road of my horror imagination, filled with; monsters, cartoon network, spider traps all kind of stuff, see my flesh is eaten by red ants in a red desert, become a red sand shrouded white skeleton, mating with pink moon and yellow stars in a night after night! That would be nice very nice privilege! Anyway go back to the dream, I found the insect which was a round button shape with; shining dark-light grayish blue. Same time I was petrified the fact that I was bitten an insect and I gave it to my nectarine-lover, he then squished it in his index finger put it death by his sheer force and was saying that “ don’t worry I put it to death my bare hand!” Then he was a killer fruit!