Tuesday, October 2, 2012

unsc donkey lover

Pack of lie, listening terrorists assad kowtow gang speech, it was a  memorandum of  pre arranged traitors’ wholly shits of rubbish, a distorted  phobia  land, a forsaken true reality on the ground, but we shall not waste our time listening that rubbish again. I was thinking why dreadful dirty dog like him alive while  so many good innocent heroic people die for their Syria. Amazing, he lived long life what is afraid of for his pitiful mouth breathless defend  traitor terrorist assad.  I am not sure what is UN rules  but how could let the tyranny dog  able to speak while the Syrian revolutionary could not speak! Beyond, also why the UN chief ask the traitors dog for compassions, that kind question only for reserve for  human beings not for donkey  and puddles,   common,  heroic proud Syrian people  don’t need  compassion, they  need weapons many lethal weapons for shot done fighter jets choppers, don’t need goddammed compassion, but need NO-Fly-Zone and Safe Zone.  Gosh how the world hate unsc  and gosh how the world proud of heroic FSA revolutionary and Syrian people.