Thursday, October 4, 2012

Scary Scary

Cleaver pearly young minds tell the world that their mind no room for tranny-terrorist-dictators! Anyone who still terrorist  Assad camp think again,  see this children wouldn't you willing give up your user-by-date master for this young innocence minds for Syria? Not offer  agonies and horrors -  that can be hold until they grow, as there would be plenty of --  but  impelled voyagers'  eyes to see the world when they begin their journey; nice things normal things that can be fill with their inquisitiveness mind, open their horizon, wonder into rail of imagination... they are acutely looks like apples,  beautiful gleaming apples nectarines what a splendiferous  little faces under the freedom trees grow like giant red, blue and white stars, nice anyone dare to harm them?  Have a beautiful day!