Saturday, August 25, 2012

Word Open Your Heart - See This Atrocity

The world see what is the cost of this, more delay more cost, you know the criminal never ever going win or even if one in  billion chance he win this conflict there will be  no peace, it is more atrocity. This far, do you think anything other than the criminal continues rule this great people after this inhuman brutally? No there is no chance of that then you know what to do. No more delay how many more people death you want to see? There is no way out, but only one way out this tragic is kill or remove the criminal and few of cronies. There no way but one way!  why all these young people all these innocence people die senselessly? Because criminal is mad, like a  mad dog in the street he completely stupid, destroys as much as possible knowing his ending is near. by the way when dog is mad what would you do? well put it down! that is the only one way!