Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Speck of Dust

When I first show Sagan TV show I was so enchanted and amazed by his telling story about our universal and our life. Cosmos; stars stones sounds life things that are so familiar, as if my second skin. I didn’t aware  first but further down track I was thinking that wow he was speaking like my grandmamma, but different language but same language you know what I mean? They are different background and speak different language with same sounds same story! You know he was very well studied at universities but my grandmamma come from home schooled under his Confucius scholar father. She was 7th child of 9 children. She knew all the rituals  rituals of nature, stars cycle of our life revolved certain gravity! Think of Sagan speak top of sky and my grand speak down the ground but nevertheless same!   You can imagine how story telling among all these children she was grown up with, as a great craftsman of embroiders and also a great story teller, her  story telling was in her craft,  her universe was in there. Think of, both my grandmamma and Sagan told us  we are the nature, that  is all the same that is whether ten thousands years ago or next ten thousands year, never changes but all the same,  matter of discovery through our inquisitiveness. You know they both know the same jewel of story!   Hey you hotshots! Could we bit kind each other?  Why can you some help the great Syrian people to kill criminal Assad?