Monday, December 15, 2008

Korean Number One Export Earners

What a point Korean has nominal GDP $20,000 so, still their own children let foreign adoption, What a disgrace! No matter what how much money in your pocket your soul size is not match your pocket size well that is doomed. People maturity grow with economy grow, it is time to ditch gorge of inward looking doggerel old things if it is not serve to the current. I must say, generally Korean are not really caring others, because we brought up as “ TO COMPETE ” , to compete with your neighbors your parents, your dogs and cats, your trees, your rabbits, your moon and sun your friend your colleagues your siblings your relatives, even compete your own shadows, what left us this? you may well ask! It is so intense that our souls are corruption vultures hunting instincts. Yes this cons, the pros are this nasty hunting instincts make Korea as today no doubt that. Here more of International adoption of South Korean children