Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wolfgang Kasper -- Rudd's summit misses the point of policy

Rudd's summit misses the point of policy -- 1000 unelected ego-trippers, pet project promoters, and seekers... This mean 1000 peoples are not the "Best and Brightest?" or gumbo mambo?

...And there are major challenges ahead that require a co-ordinated and strategically balanced approach. For example: how will inflation be controlled, when labour-market re-regulation makes economic structures more rigid when more health and education efforts are collectivised, and when the costs of Kyoto compliance are imposed on Australian households (each having to bear estimated extra annual costs of a few thousand dollars)? What number and quality of immigrants should we envisage in the interest of prosperity, but also long-term social cohesion? How do we cope with the growing brain drain? What are the best policies to improve the living conditions of Australia's indigenous population? How will we uphold national sovereignty when more collective decisions are delegated to UN bodies?

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