Monday, June 30, 2008

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Sunstein-Wolfers on Capital Punishment - Kill or Not to Kill that is Questions

Greg Mankiw's Blog: Sunstein-Wolfers on Capital Punishment - NO!

...Why is the Supreme Court debating deterrence? A prominent line of reasoning, endorsed by several justices, holds that if capital punishment fails to deter crime, it serves no useful purpose and hence is cruel and unusual, violating the Eighth Amendment. This reasoning tracks public debate as well. While some favor the death penalty on retributive grounds, many others (including President Bush) argue that the only sound reason for capital punishment is to deter murder.


My Question: “killing”, what is difference between executioner(Law) and murderer? --

The death row - last talking point the executioner and the killer:

Executioner; “I kill you mate because you have sinned.
Murders; No, I don’t want to die if you kill me I wouldn’t have a chance to repent myself from the sin.
Executioner; Nob, you don’t have another chance, no proven statistics say you can repent your sin. And also costs too much for keep you alive.
Murders; I was born sinless you screwed up the system as I am the product. You are the sinner so you must die, not me.

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