Thursday, November 1, 2012

NO ONE Hijack Syrian Revolution!

The world community should not blame the FSA revolutionary let the foreign Islam fighters  in and  helped them to fight brutal terrorist Assad regime.  Last 20 months no one helped them, as a result millions of people  displacement, hundreds of thousand of refugees and so many of them were killed and missing and Syria ransacked by terrorist regime. Precisely Assad regime is a terrorist regime none other.   They have been targeting on children for hostages of their parents surrender and among many other unimaginable thing have happen. Without any lethal weapons, - US et al conveniently sanction off their lethal weapon supply to arm FSA revolutionary or reasoning “may end up Islam extremist”, - so  US et al wanted all these FSA revolutionaries fold their  hands and were being slaughtered? Yes, many of them were slaughtered by air-strike and heavy shellings, because they did'n't have weapons to protect themselves and  their people!  Now whatever mean they want to beat this sadistic criminal regime, host of small of the foreign Islamist  fighters( they come to them with money and weapons, not Syrian asked them do so), this give the terrorist Assad to excuse slaughter Syrian people  under banner of “ armed terrorist gangs”.

Now it is US election closer, the international community is hyper highlighted this “ Islam extremist hijack Syria revolution ” theme, no one high-jack this revolution. Syria is their land, majority of them modest Islam, same as like any other religions- Christian has modest and extremest too, mind you-   C’mon,  ask yourself, if let the terrorist Assad remain, what would happen?  Surely FSA revolutionaries will not or shall not give up their fulfilment, this is  their personal war, every one of them affect on this tragic conflict! Do not underestimate this under current emotion or feeling!   With US leadership,  able to turn around this feeling positively with care and understanding to democracy. it won't be easy but much better than go back as it was, this is unchallengeable stream for the region and world as whole.   You see social network site, Syrian people want  US et al  intervention, of course we all know that was 20 months ago. Virtually US et al abandoned them, feeling of betrayal while Russia and China stand by  precisely with the terrorist Assad.  

Picture: AFP file Source: AFP