Saturday, November 3, 2012

Get the Pie First...

Syria conflict: Clinton calls for opposition overhaul

Here's a summary of today's events:
• Hillary Clinton has confirmed US plans to shake up Syria's opposition, saying it was time to move beyond the Syrian National Council and bring in those "in the front lines fighting and dying". She said: "There has to be a representation of those who are in the front lines fighting and dying today to obtain their freedom." Clinton also expressed alarm about the increasing influence of extremists in the opposition.
• Syria’s former prime minister Riyad Hijab, who defected from the Assad regime in August, is one of those named on the new US-backed opposition council, this blog revealed. The new 51 member "National Initiative Council" is due to be unveiled in Doha next week, and will include only 15 seats for the SNC.

Without inclusiveness of the FSA revolutionists who paid for their heroic one life for securing “future free Syria” will not work and morally practically wrong. Certainly front-line revolutionists they earned the center role of the revolution, they should or they want to be the main  part of their Syria future democracy is natural. Without them as at the  center stage, and inclusiveness of regardless genders religions and sects and forgiveness of differences, can't  be more effective to success.

Yes it is disgraceful the outside leadership  inability united their differences while so many precious life blood shield on the ground, while they sitting far away placed in safe shelters, nagging about whose pie is bigger…, well if they are truly care about their Syria they should  have put aside their differences they have united long ago and not  give US et al excuse for not supporting them. As one of the main reason US et al hesitated backing up the revolutions was that there is no creditable concreted the opposition leadership and also the US election year was the key of course.    You can not run this bloody show far away, if you are leaders you have to be in where the bloody actions  are!   How could you see feel people agonies dreams yearnings without you are there? Every minutes every second front-line changes  on the ground.

They need effective two main leadership inside and outside.
1)There are the main leadership should be based on inside Syria( liberated  area); and they need skills:  i) able to united all the FSA revolutionists and outsiders exile  groups into the one body and forms  the transitional government,  ii) Running the defecto  government in the liberate Syria, what is any normal government do,   engaging all senses, earns trust of the people;  sensitive about the mood- what is going on the front line battle field, feel under current people, iii) able to co-ordinate to outside leadership, working together.  And,  2) Outside leadership based on Turkey, they need skills of: i)  diplomacy international  community, ii)  Branding marketing  of the revolutions to sell into the international communities effectively, rise fund and their support,  iii) provider logistics to the inside Syria to the transitional government. This need to every one of them one body one mind to over though the terrorist regime and then you can fight for your size of  pie. So you have to successful this revolution and then arguing about who GETS what, a size of pie.   The immensely grievances  of the ground, frontline battle field fighters and behind scenes organizing civilians  revolutionaries, so many of them sacrifices for  their own life for the Syria while people outside arguing about who gets what even the oven yet to built! That is not just right!

In my view there is outstanding leaderships within inside FSA revolutionists already have shown in the battle field  and front lines, they are  charismatic, courageous, dynamics and  very smarts and very  passionate heroes, I think they are the leaders of this revolution...  and leaders of the future Syria!! Been through all that immense hardship without support from outside, they learned everything from this atrocity they can certainly move any mountains for sure!